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About Us

Tell us what you want to achieve and let us show you the possibilities.

Allied Intuit started out as a platform to educate innovators and enterprises across a wide spectrum of industries and tech space on the relevance of Intellectual Property (IP) to their commercial objectives.

Over the past decade, we have journeyed with these innovators and enterprises to transform know-how into competitive advantage through not only our IP agency and management services, but also through commercially-minded IP extraction and creation and IP enablement assistance.

We strive to continue utilizing our capabilities to assist others in achieving organizational growth.

Allied Intuit: IP Solutions for Business Growth
Allied Intuit: IP Solutions for Business Growth

Allied has partnered with organisations to identify commercially sensible innovations and know-how; and implement IP strategies and processes to supercharge commercialization and business growth.

Our success lies in our ability to align the IP and IP portfolio of an organisation with its business model, vision and potential pivots.

We believe that this will better serve an organization’s business strategically and tactically.

We are here to help you transform your innovation and know-how into your competitive advantage.


Protect and Manage IP

Patent Specification Preparation/Drafting
Patent Application Submission and Registration
International (PCT) Patent Application
National phase entries
Patent Objection / Trademark Objection Advisory
Design Registration
Trademark Registration

Understand & Navigate IP Landscape

Brand architecture and collateral IP advisory
Patent landscape searches
Invention / Innovation Capture
Establish innovation / patenting pipeline
IP training and team capability building

Manage IP Risk

Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) assessment
Infringement assessment
Product clearance
Invalidation searches
Workaround advisory

Enable Your IP

IP portfolio management
Licensing and Smart Franchise System Advisory
IP Rights creation and management for ESG compliance
IP advisory for capability development, market readiness and
competitive grants
IP risk assessment for acquisition and investment

Tech Sector Experience

We have experience in working with companies and individuals in the following sectors

Robotics, automation and mechanism-control tech
Manufacturing and Supply-chain processes
Semiconductors and Electronics
Energy and Clean-Tech
Biotech, Med-tech and Healthcare
Energy conversion and Wind-tech

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning
IoT (Internet of Things)
Fintech, Smart Contracts and Digital Transformation
E-commerce, RPA and Online Services:
Consumer Products, Packaging and Consumer Services
Environmental and Green Technologies
Food and Agri-tech

Key Profile

Charlie SIM
Managing Director

Registered Patent Attorney (Singapore)
Master of Engineering
Bachelor of Laws (Hons)
Advance Certificate in Training and Assesmdent (ACTA)
Certifications in AI, Smart Contract and Fintech Development
Medical technology and robotics research and development
Inventor (tech related to voice recognition,proton-exchange membranes and OID)
Mentor and juror for various enterprise awards and start-up competitions and hackathons
IP and commercialisation advisor for organisations ranging from startups to the Fortune-ranked
Successful innovation extraction and IP risk management for ESG-transitional
companies and pre-listcos
Allied Intuit: IP Solutions for Business Growth
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